Look at mineral processing differently

At Gravitas, our purpose is to maximise mineral resources by developing simple process technologies and engineered systems to increase recovery, reduce environmental liability, and maximise your wealth.

Mineral Processing Technologies

Gravitas™ Minerals is the driving force behind the development of simple, efficient mineral processing technologies and systems. Not only are our technologies innovative and ground-breaking, but are also designed with improved eco-ratings. All technologies and systems come with top-rated process support as standard.

Engineered Solutions

Our engineered systems are custom-designed for every application, ensuring that our clients derive maximum recovery of their minerals. Our unique, ground-breaking processes are designed with improved eco-ratings and we provide all our clients with top-rated support.

Delivering Value

At Gravitas, our competent team of engineers are trained to look minerals and applications differently. This means our approach does not end with the ‘best technology’ or the ‘best system’ but rather the best option that maximises your bottom line. This is what we stand for – maximising mineral resources for our clients while reducing their environmental liability.



Gravitas Logo in White

Gravitas is an established company that is inspired by innovation and passion in processing of coal and mineral fines.

We are a customer centric company, that create value for the mining industry by developing and providing process technologies and systems that efficiently convert waste-to-value.

Our customers derive benefit from our technologies and systems in that their waste/tailings are converted to product/revenue while their environmental liability is reduced in the process.

"Look at it differently."