We are the mineral separation people

Who look at things differently.

Why Gravitas™?

In the Mining and Minerals sector, the name Gravitas™ has become synonymous with innovative fine mineral separation technologies. This emanates from years of experience in research and development, operations, and maintenance of mineral processing plants and a clear and futuristic focus on filling the gap in the mineral beneficiation value chain.

Our different approach is based on the recognition that every ore, every seam, every application, and every process plant is unique, and therefore there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution. So, what technology-system combination would deliver the best value for our client? How does our solution affect safety, people, environment, and other downstream processes? How do we ensure that our client enjoys peace of mind after acquiring our solution?

It’s against this backdrop that Gravitas™ was found. A company that delivers value for the mining and mineral industry by maximising mineral resources and reducing environmental liability through:

  • Collaborative design and manufacturing of mineral separation technologies
  • Engineered fit for purpose integrated systems
  • Providing unparalleled process support

To this end, we have assembled a strong team of Gravitonians – competent people with an open mind to always look at things differently. We are committed to ensuring that every visit to your operations will bring a breath of fresh air, a different view, which brings a renewed sense of hope, process, sustainability, and value – low operating costs, maximum revenues, and maximum value.

We are a level 1 BBBEE company, and we hold SACPS and SAIMM memberships.

Our simple, different approach - how it all comes together.

  • Process evaluations
  • Opportunity and strategic alignment
  • Proof of concept
  • Recommended technology or engineered solution options
  • Present a total value proposition
  • Evaluate financing options
  • Execute
  • To be recognized as innovative industry leaders in fine separation technologies and engineered systems.
  • To be a partner of choice to the mining industry by co-creating process solutions that decrease their environmental liability and maximize mineral resources.
  • We achieve this by attracting high performance teams who innovate simple, efficient technologies and systems.

Our Affiliations, Partners, and Clients