Engineered Solutions

The engineered solutions by Gravitas™ consist of tailor-made processing systems created for specific minerals.

Our core business resolves around supplying various mining industries with engineered solutions that suit their specific needs and requirements. All industries are different, and minerals have unique requirements.

At Gravitas, we strive to provide customised solutions suited to different mineral processing requirements. Our wide range of processing technologies and engineered solutions were developed by a team of industry specialists and experts.

Each solution is specifically designed to provide our customers with effective waste reduction and revenue boosting results.

Our customers trust us to provide the best possible processing technology, systems, and solutions to help them thrive and improve their revenue generation.

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Kalahari Process

for Iron Ore and Manganese

The Kalahari process is developed to maximise the overall production outputs of iron ore and manganese processing plants by recovering the fine and ultrafine mineral fractions.

Optima Process

for Coal

The Optima process was developed with the purpose of maximising yield to coking and metallurgical coal from coal fines. The system also produces a secondary thermal coal product.

ChromEx Process

for Chrome and Ferrochrome

The ChromEx process is developed to reduce the overall tailings grade and enables our clients to maximize their much-needed production outputs, which translates to additional revenue.