Mineral Process Technologies

Gravitas™ Minerals is the driving force behind the development of simple, efficient mineral processing technologies and systems.

Gravitas offers solutions that are designed to cut the costs of mineral processing while turning waste into valuable, saleable product.

The Gravitas mineral processing technologies are typically developed in-house by our top team of specialists and engineers. However, we also work in partnership with top providers in the industry to build robust, efficient solutions.

Our solutions include a wide variety of systems in several categories, including:

  • Gravity Separation, including the Optima Concentrator, spiral concentrators and shaking tables.
  • De-watering and Classification, including safety screens, de-watering, de-sliming, rinsing, washing, trash screens, and fine recovery systems.
  • Magnetic Separation, including wet and dry high-intensity magnetic seperators.
  • Custom solutions

Our customers trust us to provide the best possible processing technology, systems, and solutions to help them thrive and improve their revenue generation.

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Gravitas™ Minerals’ technologies are innovative and ground-breaking, and are designed with improved eco-ratings. All technologies and systems come with top-rated process support as standard.

The Optima Concentrator is a hindered settling separator, using upward current water to create a column of stratified slurry in the tank.

Gravitas™ has partnered with Fluid Systems to bring you the next generation of ultrafine screening, de-watering and recovery systems.​