The Optima Concentrator

One technology, multiple commodities, designed with simplicity in mind. The Optima Concentrator is the ideal processing solution.

The Optima Concentrator is a hindered settling separator, using upward current water to create a column of stratified slurry in the tank. The heavier particles, which concentrate at the bottom of the tank, are discharged through the reject discharge valve. The smaller and lighter particles overflow the weir and are collected in the overflow launder with the overflow water.

Heavy smaller particles are recovered back into the settling chamber by reducing the upward flow velocity. This creates crowding in the upper settling chamber, which then forms what is known as ‘autogenous dense medium’.

The unit can be controlled via a plant PLC system or a remote Optima Concentrator control system.

The Optima Concentrator technology can be used as a separation module add-on to an existing coal or mineral preparation plant, to increase overall plant recovery and quality.

Technical Specifications

Fluidised bed separation using a recovery zone to induce an autogenous media separation phenomenon

Optima Classifier

Technology Application

The Optima Concentrator can be used across a wide range of minerals. These include:

  • Coal: Bituminous, Anthracite, Coking
  • Minerals: Iron Ore, Chrome, Manganese, Ferrometals

Sales Support

We understand that each revolutionary technology has to be technically supported. The Optima Concentrator comes standard with a 12-month operation and maintenance plan. During this time, we’ll ensure our competent engineers train the operation and maintenance teams to maximize the Optima’s efficiency and availability.

Green Technology

Our green technology offers low process water and energy consumption, reducing your eco footprint while boosting revenue.

Variable Densities

The Optima Concentrator automatically adjust to variable cut densities to offer the best results.

Low Operating Cost

Our solutions are designed to generate revenue while saving our clients money by lowering operational costs.

Increased Revenue

By offering higher throughput at a lower installation cost and footprint, you save money in the short and long term.