Driven by innovation

Gravitas™ offers several innovative and useful value added services to help our clients maximise their results.


At Gravitas™, our competent team of engineers are trained to look at minerals and applications differently. This means that our approach doesn’t end with the ‘best technology’ or the ‘best system’, but rather, the best option that maximises your bottom line. That’s the type of services that we stand for – maximising mineral resources for our clients while reducing their environmental liability.

Process Evaluation and Performance Services

Gravitas™ is committed to helping you get the most out of your operation. Our comprehensive service portfolio is supported by deep technical knowledge in crushing and screening, dense medium separation, fine mineral beneficiation and dewatering, experienced people, and specialised tools to maximise your profitability.

Our process evaluations are holistic evaluations on all process equipment, but mainly focuses on the entire process to identify opportunities for improvement. These are for commodities like coal, platinum, gold, copper, chrome, iron ore, mineral sands, and various other mineral commodities. A relationship based on product refinement, a true understanding of process flow sheets, field service, and maintenance is formed. This ensures process and product solutions that will optimize the current operation and would, therefore, lower the overal operating costs in order to meet clients’ individual needs.

Investigations are directed at small changes and improvements to either equipment and/or processes, with the aim of providing improved operational efficiencies and longer equipment life, ultimately reducing costs.

Our technology design and operation capability enables us to support the following key separation technologies and systems/circuits:

  • Spirals
  • Magnetic separators
  • Classifiers / TBS
  • Shaking tables
  • Crushing and screening

For the above, we apply the Analyze-Anticipate-Accelerate method to deliver real, tangible value.

Benefits of process evaluations:

  • Improved product output
  • Problem areas are identified and overcome, resulting in reduced overheads, increased uptime, and increased production rates
  • New information contributes to innovative product development
  • Custom designed solutions developed to improve customers’ process efficiencies
  • Reduced overheads and running costs

Innovation and Test Work

Our capabilities include test and development work on classifiers, magnetic separation, and ultrafine screens. Where Gravitas doesn’t have the technology, we partner with leading technology suppliers for spiral, filtration and DMS technologies.

With our test facility, we are able to innovate, where we listen to the ideas of our people and customers, and develop ideas in research, design, manufacturing, pilot testing, prototyping, installation, and modification, which is repeated until commercialisation takes place. Secondly, we verify the application of the new equipment where we test to ensure value is added. Equipment application testing verification is conducted in customer’s own sites where possible.

» Optima Concentrator pilot test work

Gravity separation is used to separate minerals such as coal, chrome, iron ore, manganese, and mineral sands. Our Optima Concentrator pilot unit exploits density differences between minerals and gangue in a hindered settling bed. We test equipment using different bed densities and fluidisation to determine optimum quality-capacity-efficiency combinations.

» Pilot Magnetic Separator for high, medium, and low intensity test work

High intensity separators are used to recover fine, weak magnetic particles from slurries. Medium and low-intensity separators are used to recover weak and strong magnetic particles respectively. With our pilot unit, we vary different magnetic fields, ranging from 500 Gauss to high intensity, using a single technology.

» Ultrafine screening tests work for ultrafine

Ultrafine screening has found many applications in many beneficiation processes. These screens are used for dewatering, sizing, and desliming. Our pilot screen can perform any of the functions with cut-points down to 50 microns.

To ensure test work information gathered can be replicated in real-time mineral processing, Gravitas provides a full-on site pilot plant.